Boredom: A mojo killer

But there are ways to combat this and even get maximum benefit for minimum effort


A large number of people do not enjoy their jobs. It is something they need to do in order to survive. 

I am not in a position to provide empirical evidence on that because statistical research takes both time and effort and I am currently motivated to Work Hard-ly. But in all likelihood, you will be inclined to believe it because of my credible sounding credentials and my pretty picture which might subconsciously cajole you to think that I might be an intelligent person. It is also possible that an agreement to the statement stems from one’s own prejudice, experience or gullibility. Anecdotal evidence presented in English has a higher probability of acceptance without proof, because English is a mark of erudition in our culture marred by a colonial past. However, some might be sceptical about accepting opinions as facts, but let me assure you that in the corporate world, as in the real world opinions shared with machismo work just fine. 

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The elaborate charades that pass off as real work in the corporate environment were impossible to ignore, at least for me, because not only were they conspicuously outrageous, but also exceptionally hilarious. It became obligatory to document them or the beauty of the nonsense would be lost forever. The thing about the charade though is that the participants believe it is the only path to the fulfilling outcome, their heart so desires. When an organisation’s culture endorses the charades, it may unknowingly create conditions beneficial to the genesis of a führer. The brunt is faced by the employees who not only have to befriend the führer on Facebook, but also have to grudgingly like his mugshots.

The singular and manifest problem in having a führer in an organisation is that the rats so eager to win the race will develop no skills except obsequious flattery; a redundant exercise in self-deprecation.  Calling out the naked emperor is generally not appreciated as a strategic idea because the possibility of him being picked up by the competition for an exorbitant package always looms large. So, for the sake of the present and future opportunities the vertebrates choose not to question the transgressions. Instead novel methods are pursued to beat the system, in which the maximum gain can be achieved for minimum effort. These unconventional methods are not for those who use the word “righteous” very generously. Ideological gymnasts fare well at these games because they are willing to use the many “legal ways there are to break the law”. It is, in other terms, a legitimate form of cheating that is accepted, endorsed and propagated by organisations and its people, if one chooses to view them as separate entities.

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Work Hard-ly tells you the unsavoury truth but you will consume it well because the humour makes it palatable. You may even find it irreverent and caustic because it is, but it will introduce you to many things that are hidden in plain sight. It is from a woman’s point of view, because my gender identity and expression are female, as a consequence of biology which is a coincidence, but I am obliged to state it. When one is a woman in what is predominantly a man’s job, her worldview can be an entertaining revelation that makes for great coffee table gossip.

Men have been bad mouthed enough for their behaviour in every forum, but my view and experience are different. I find them to be simple creatures, not ones to play emotional mind games their counterparts excel in. Generally, with men, what you see is what you get; the problem with women is that they see everything. When a man says “I am fine”, he’s absolutely bloody fine, unlike a woman who may mean something totally different with that sentence.

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To address this dichotomy, Work Hard-ly dwells on how you can use emotions even if you are not a woman. I refer to the identification, use and application of the precise emotion at the workplace for your benefit. You too can learn to play mind games with the Tear Management Technique that can tame a führer of any nationality.

Boredom caused by repetition is one of the biggest mojo killers, but you can make your work life exciting by employing unorthodox techniques. I cannot guarantee a raise, but I promise there will not be a dull moment and this antidote to existential crises might just be what the doctor ordered. 

(Monica Iyengar, a management professional with 15 years’ experience in sales and business management, author and candidate for Ph.D., leads the most uneventful life in a placid town)


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