Latest car news: Lotus’ Halo, Porsche Cayman T and Boxster T, Nissan GTR special edition and more

Latest car news in India: From Lotus’ plans to take on hypercars with a Rs 18crore Halo, a special edition of Nissan’s GTR and Jaguar F-Type rally-spec...

By Dhiram Shah

All new Exhibit Pack Copa 19+ from Adidas Football

The new COPA 19+ maximises fit, touch and movement.

By The Man Magazine Correspondent

Multiple cameras for phones: Click on that idea

Here's a list of the best mobile phones in the market.

By Aswhin Rajagopalan

Best-selling fashion products: Take your style from 2018 to 2019

12 handpicked products, from leather jackets to boots to sunglasses, here’s how to make your style quotient top-notch.

By Mia

Fake orgasm alert

Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about orgasm… or something that sounded like one.

By Karuna M John

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Carat Kings: Siddharth and Samarth Kasliwal of Jaipur’s Gem Palace

Siddharth and Samarth Kasliwal are an interesting study in contrast as only close siblings far apart in age can be. One leads and...

By Juhi Shah

Best holiday destination in Sri Lanka: Check out the Anantara Peace Haven

The Anantara Peace Haven in Sri Lanka's Tangalle offers just the kind of break you've been looking for.

By Shweta Mishra

Rajkummar Rao On The Cover Of The Man October Issue 2018