Fully-electric Porsche Taycan 4S review: Silent, swift, gliding sensation

Driving this beast is an absolute treat. Never mind that its grunting engine has given way to the hum of the electric set-up. Or that there are no paddle...

By Dhiram Shah

Futuristic watches: Going the distance

We flag the new year off with watches that bend and twist the rules of horology to display a futuristic way of viewing time

By Aaron Jacob

Much to look forward to at Sotheby's Asia Week Sale in New York

A total of 79 artworks are expected go on the block at Asia Week Sale in New York on March 16

By Rukma Saluja

Fashion tips for men: What you will wear in 2022

From partying in glittery layers to sleeping in stripes and making your workwear fun, here are six fashion trends that are here to...

By Harmeet Singh Sana (Pictures); Lubna Salim (Words); Sahil Gulati (Styling); OTT Studios and Production (Studio)

In coffee country: Riding the new wave with Royal Enfield Meteor 350

Exploring the latest in coffee growing on Royal Enfield's most recent model—the Meteor 350

By Bhanu Prakash Chandra (Words and Pictures)

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India's most loved lifestyle influencers: Follow their footsteps

From red shoes to flared jeans, India's most loved fashion influencers tell you how to up your sass this year. Plus, the women folks...

By Lubna Salim

Best holiday destination: Athens, not just a haven of history

The old and new co-exist on the same street here, just footsteps from one another. This city's stories of the past is forever just...

By Huzan Tata

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