50 Luxury Must-Haves of 2017

Luxury redefines itself, year-on-year. Hence, the annual THE MAN compilation of what to check out each year in products, services or experiences that are anything but ordinary. Dive right in.


1. Swept Away


Rolls-Royce has always been in a class of its own

THE DOPE You can almost imagine it. A customer going to Rolls-Royce, asking them to custom-build a coach purely based on his vision. And the vision? A two-seater coupe featuring a large panoramic glass roof, with design inspirations from the ‘sweptail’ wings of Rolls-Royce cars from the 1920s, as well as many classic and modern yachts. The car, custom-built for one specific individual, was unveiled to the world at the Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este earlier this summer. So, got an idea? The engineers and designers at Rolls are waiting.

THE DAMAGE Your imagination (and your pocket) is the limit!

2. Bottoms Up

Drive all the way to the ‘bottom of the world’


THE DOPE What’s with our new-found fixation with Antarctica? There are at least two such entries on this list this year. Gurugram-based Adventures Overland’s plan is to drive all the way down to the ‘bottom of the world’, the South Pole. The vehicles, modified Toyota Hilux trucks, are part of the package, which includes everything except the flight ticket to Chile, from where the fortnight-long expedition kicks off on November 22. This is surely not for the faint-hearted, as it involves temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius and surviving in one of the harshest, loneliest terrains on the planet. The upside? You get into the Limca Book of Records as the first expedition of Indian travellers to self-drive to the South Pole. Penguins and those breathtaking views come complimentary.

THE DAMAGE 01.10 crore per traveller (maximum seven travellers, so register fast on adventuresoverland.com/fixed-departures/the-south-pole-expedition-2017

3. Southward Ho!

Antarctica, again!


THE DOPE If Overland Adventures plans to drive through Antarctica, specialised travel curator Q Experience’s plan for Antarctica this December is a bit more leisurely. Titled ‘The White Continent’, this is a personalised trip to Antarctica aboard The Majestic Explorer, the first Indian luxury liner to set sail in that direction. And, none other than Michelin-starred chef Atul Kochhar will curate the menu aboard the ship.

THE DAMAGE 06.9 lakh onward

4. Pedal Pusher

An electric bike that puts the cool back in cycles


THE DOPE India’s biggest cycle manufacturer Hero Cycles has just launched a nippy new bicycle, Lectro. Only, it is not exactly a bicycle, nor is it a bike (another segment in which Hero has major stakes). An electric pedal-assisted cycle, it has a 250-watt motor in the rear hub wheel and a 48-volt battery pack, enough to go 50km on a single charge (max speed: 25kmph, which means you don’t need a license to ride this). The top-of-the-line variant comes with Bluetooth, GPS and an electronic hub. Scared of running out of charge? Reverse-pedalling will manually charge the cycle.

THE DAMAGE Top variant costs 083,000 approx.

5. Have A Good Night

Sound sleep on the smartest mattress in the world


THE DOPE: Italian mattress company Magniflex’s latest launch could change the way we look at mattresses forever. Magni SmarTech not only uses the best quality, innovative material to ensure long life (of the mattress, if not you!), but also goes a step further. The mattress has inbuilt sensors that monitor your vital stats, from the time of waking, heartbeat and fluctuations through the night, percentage of light and deep sleep, breathing frequency and even the number of times you got up in the middle of the night. It also keeps track of the ambient temperature, room brightness and noise level. The info is then processed and sent to an app on your phone or through a website. Magniflex claims this is the first mattress in the world that stops snoring! No wonder Anand Vichani, promoter of Magniflex in India, does not call it a mattress, but a ‘sleep engineer’.

THE DAMAGE: 025 lakh approx

6. Old World Charm, New World Comforts

The legendary Orient Express just upped the game


THE DOPE It’s the iconic train in which dreams (and sometimes murder) come true. The Venice Simplon-Orient Express will add three luxury coaches from its next season in March 2018 (through November). The Grand Suites, named Paris, Venice and Istanbul, after the cities it runs to from London, come with all the works—double beds, living area, private showers, thematic designer interiors and furnishings. And then some, like a personal cabin steward, free-flowing champagne, en suite dining, bespoke amenities and a complimentary bathrobe. Luxury company Belmond, which runs the Orient Express, says the idea behind the new suites is to transport guests back to the golden era of travel, and evoke the nostalgia and glamour of a bygone era.

THE DAMAGE: 04.62 lakh approx for a one-night journey from London to Venice in one of the Grand Suites

7. Almost Ambrosia

Old wine in new diamond-encrusted gold and platinum bottles


THE DOPE Henri IV, Cognac Grande Champagne is an elixir aged for more than a hundred years, trapped in a bottle dipped in 24-carat yellow gold and sterling platinum. It is decorated with 6,500 certified cut diamonds that are brilliant, which, just in case you were wondering, is not being used as an adjective for intelligence. This flask, that resembles a sea shell from an Atlantean treasure chest, is filled with a hundred centilitre of cognac so fine it is called champagne—the Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne—seeped in 41 per cent of pure unadulterated alcohol. Considering that it contributes to a fine chunk of the price tag, make sure you don’t chuck the bottle into the bin once the party is over. It might cause the next economic recession.

THE DAMAGE 012.8 crore thebillionaireshop.com/media/Henri-IV-Dudognon-Heritage-Cognac-Grande-Champagne

8. For A Knock-Out Punch

A punching bag designed by Karl Lagerfeld adds punch to your style


THE DOPE It is not often that you would find Karl Lagerfeld designing anything for Louis Vuitton. If you don’t know who that is, why, you are probably not discerning enough yet. But, here’s the cheat sheet. Lagerfeld is the instantly recognisable creative head of Chanel. So, designing for an equal-sized competitor is blasphemy. And yet, that’s what has happened and, of all things to design for them, he designed a punching bag. It comes with a trunk that can be used as a travel closet, a set of Louis Vuitton boxing gloves and a Louis Vuitton gym bag. The trim is aged cowhide leather with hardware made of golden-brass, which come together to make sure the entire package looks the price. How good a boxer the bag makes you will depend entirely on what you feel when you look at a punching bag worth $62,000 dangling from your ceiling. There are a mere twenty five of these available, so don’t be dragging your feet already.

THE DAMAGE 039.9 lakh


9. Creating An Heirloom

A solid gold crib, no less

THE DOPE When hip hop royalty Jay Z and Beyonce get a baby crib, you know it will have bling and most certainly be elegant. If there is one thing that the discerning man shares in common with Jay Z, it is a genuine love for his family. The solid gold Dodo Bassinet has been designed by Suommo, a company that combines luxury with baby products to create designs that transcend the ‘product’ tag and elevate themselves to family heirlooms. Like the gold-plated bassinet or their other bestseller, the world’s most expensive pacifier. Ximo Talamantes, designer and CEO of Suommo, began to make these luxury baby care products once he became a father himself. And, their pride drips from their words like Cerelac from an infant’s lips. “This crib is designed to lift her dreams beyond the stars. If your love for her is so high, why not take her a little closer, through the Dodo Bassinet?”

THE DAMAGE 083.7 crore; suommo.com/en/dodo-bassinet-gold-edition

10. Row & Grow

The best fitness machine you can have at home

2017-01-25 SKILLROW

THE DOPE Fitness solutions provider Technogym, whose credits include supplying equipment to multiple Olympic Games, has just launched an indoor rowing machine that is simple enough to have at home, yet is bursting at the seams with features. This includes the capability to improve your anaerobic power, aerobic capacity as well as neuromuscular abilities. In gym-dummy speak, this one machine can help you do anything from a simple daily regime to cardiovascular and power workouts just by changing the resistance levels. And, of course, as is the case with most new launches these days, this one always allows you to track your results with real-time bio feedback using the Skillrow app. It also offers a virtual coach.

THE DAMAGE 04 lakh onward


11. Cycle In Paradise

How about a luxury vacation with a cycling expedition led by a Tour de France winner thrown in?

THE DOPE Mallorca in Spain brings to mind what partying in paradise must feel like—the sea (and the skies) are bluer, the views breathtaking, the parties endless and the vibe an incessant shade of tasteful hedonism. Now, add some constructive pursuit to your days of abandon in El Paraiso. At the Belmond La Residencia, situated in a picturesque village in the Lamuntana mountains, you get to have your luxury holiday perks, along with cycling expeditions with 2010 Tour de France champion Andy Schlek. The terrain has always been popular with professional cyclists preparing for the likes of Tour de France, as well as Triathlon and Ironman races. It’s a unique one-week package starting on October 28, including stay, welcome cocktails, gala dinner on the last day and, of course, workshops and cycling expeditions with the champ. And, no pressure—routes and pacing will be finalised depending on your ability and comfort factor.

THE DAMAGE 01.5 lakh approx for the package; reservations.lrs@belmond.com


12. True Fit For A Connoisseur

Get groomed to a royal high with this new pedicure service

THE DOPE: The royal candle pedicure is a new addition at Truefitt & Hill, the oldest barbershop in the world, established in 1805 in St James Court in London. This latest addition to the luxury barbershop’s menu is probably the next best thing in relaxation to a body massage. There is the antioxidant cuticle cream, the tea tree oil antiseptic soak, which hydrates the skin, and the vegetable body wax scrub (as well as massage) candle that exfoliates and revitalises the skin, before a final coating of earth mask with its de-toxic and de-tanning properties. The use of organic ingredients uplifts this from a typical pedicure session.

THE DAMAGE: 02,400; available at all Truefitt & Hill’s salons in India (Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad & Gurugram)

13. High On Luxury

Heli’daying from Bengaluru to Mysuru


THE DOPE The plush Shangri La in the heart of Bengaluru is already the city’s tallest luxury destination, what with its suites with mind-blowing views of the garden city (Bengaluru is still beautiful as long as you don’t have to face its traffic) and the trendy Hype rooftop club. Now, the hotel aims higher, with its ‘Soar to Luxury’ package, which offers a day trip to Mysuru in a helicopter. Yes, you heard it right—the hotel helps its guests escape IT city’s notorious gridlock with the use of a 4-seater helicopter that zips you to Mysuru in no time. The package includes a stay in the Governor’s Suite, breakfast, lunch, sundowners, use of gym and spa, free Wi-Fi as well as airport transfers in a chauffeured Mercedes.

THE DAMAGE 03.86 lakh


14. For The Child In You

Get that 1993 WWF figurine for a touch of nostalgia

THE DOPE As ice cold as the discerning man needs to be to get what he wants, when he wants it, there is a soft, childlike core to him that he needs to hold onto. For what is an ambitious man if not a child who wanted all the toys in the world. What better way to cling to your childhood, while simultaneously playing it cool than getting yourself the rarest of the rare toy collectibles—a WWF (Not E) figurine of which no more than 24 exist in the world. Now, here is the little fable surrounding this toy. The original series 7 release of the toy had Kamala toys with a yellow star belly. The issue for it not to have a yellow moon remains a mystery and many have speculated it was a legal problem that caused this as Kamala soon left the WWF, along with image rights of his….well.. belly. But the moon belly doll from the series 7 does exist, and its proof is in the images circulated by the owners on the web. eBay is auction central for these toys where this figurine has been sold from prices ranging from 01.9 lakh to 06.4 lakh. Either way, this one will set you on a hunt that is deserving of the discerning man’s attention. The price is the easy part.

THE DAMAGE Collectible Retro Toy—Kamala w/Moon Belly, Series 7 (Hasbro), 01.9 lakh to 06.4 lakh; pbs.twimg.com/media/CNe1T1DWgAA2Mjj

15. Holiday Central

When the likes of Justin Bieber and Jay Z get bowled over by a place, there’s got to be something about it


THE DOPE ‘With a sweeping view of the San Francisco Bay Area, this contemporary masterpiece has five bedroom suites, a fitness centre, a vanishing edge pool, a spa, an outdoor fire pit and a game room with full bar, reads the description of the AirBnB rental property that has been frequently Instagrammed by Justin Bieber and Beyonce. And, for good reason. With an almost 300 degree view of the Bay area and of the Silicon Valley from almost anywhere in the mansion, along with orchards, rooftop vegetable gardens, chicken that provide eggs, bees squeezed of their honey, eleven acres of real estate you can use as you wish, this mansion isn’t just a rental home, it’s rental to a king’s lifestyle. Although, don’t pop that collection of Cubans into the briefcase just yet. Smoking is not allowed. No rules against pimpin’ out in style though.

THE DAMAGE AirBnB Rental—Contemporary Masterpiece. 01.9 lakh/night

16. East To Westeros

Up to date with Game of Thrones? Now experience it.


THE DOPE: It is the world’s most popular show, and all the macabre killings and battle scenes become a bit bearable because of the sweeping locations the series has been shot in. While Ireland stands in for all the wintry settings, the prize everyone is fighting for, the iron throne, can only be found in one country—Croatia. Its southern port city of Dubrovnik, to be specific. Not surprisingly, tourist arrivals to Croatia have boomed, with scores of ‘Thronies’ thronging the Old Town area in Dubrovnik, the setting for King’s Landing and pivotal scenes like Cersei’s walk of shame, the Sept of Baelor and Tommen’s suicide. Dragon sightings not included.

THE DAMAGE: 01.98 lakh on Emirates via Dubai and Zagreb. Rates vary.


17. Message In A Bottle

Personalise the next wine bottle you gift

THE DOPE: In an era when words like personalisation, bespoke and customised have become de rigueur, it is only natural that you get your liquor cabinet filled up with something pretty personalised. Baramati-based Four Seasons wines has come up with exactly that. You can print a name, a message or even a photo on the bottle, according to your specifications. Perfect for a birthday, an anniversary or any other milestone or corporate occasion. And...ahem... it’s wine. Do you really need an occasion?

THE DAMAGE: 06,000 for a minimum order for 6 bottles; service presently available only in Bengaluru


18. Porcelain Pretty

Lladro does it again

THE DOPE: Like Swarovski, which raised cut glass to a high-fashion staple, the Spanish porcelain luxury brand Lladro has raised porcelain to a must-have luxury status. Designed and handcrafted at its exclusive factory in Valencia, Spain, the latest collection, among others, features the eye-popping and exquisite ‘Cherub of Love’, inspired by the cherubic sculptures from the Italian Renaissance era. The angel is wearing an armband and a garland of wild spring flowers on his head, peeling the petals of a daisy, playing the game ‘she-loves-me-she-loves-me-not’. Enchanting.

THE DAMAGE: 02.19 lakh

19. Sofa So Near

The Mah Jong Sofa trumpets Italian sophistication in its every corner


THE DOPE: Designed by Hans Hopfer, the Mah Jong Sofa is a modular sofa upholstered in Missoni home fabric. It is a combination of hand-stitched padded floor cushions and straight-back and corner-back cushions with an optional adjustable back. This sofa has endless combinations, including seat cushions, straight-back corner units and lounge chair units.The mixture of cushions gives any room a cool, bohemian look! And, you don’t have to travel all the way to Italy for it, just head to the Roche Bobois store on MG Road in Delhi.

THE DAMAGE: 030.52 lakh

20. No Garage Needed

You can now carry your parking space with you


THE DOPE Parking space is a luxury these days. In an interesting innovation, Gazebox, an Italian firm, has created a high-tech foldable structure that can be used as a carport, garage and gazebo, all in one. Gazebox, which comes with two exit choices and an automatic opening, is made with anti-UV polycarbonate panels to give protection from the sun, hail, rain, wind, ice, pets and birds. The system features powder-painted and protected iron framework and a roof in composite material, with a brushed aluminium finish. Customisable options include a plethora of colours, an additional alarm system, and even an aircon.

THE DAMAGE Depends on size and customisation. gazebox.net

21. Retro Trunks

Trunks that scream luxury and are as sturdy as the regiment they are more or less named after


THE DOPE In the early 1970s, Ghurka founder Marley Hodgson bought military gear made by a Gorkha soldier stationed in India decades earlier at an auction. Inspired by the fine leather and premier craftsmanship, he created a similar leather knapsack for his son, marking the founding of his American leather-goods company. Ghurka’s line of hard-sided, custom-made trunks evoke the brand’s original designs. Handmade by artisan craftsmen in Florence, Italy, Ghurka’s trunks are fashioned from leather and lined with 100 per cent cotton twill. The locks are made from nickel-plated, solid-brass hardware. The yellow, black and white stripes on each trunk are reminiscent of military ribbons used by Gorkha fighters in the British army. While an entire eight-piece set is available for Rs35.4 lakh, the trunks can be bought separately as well. Custom-made trunks with different colours or anagram options can be commissioned.

THE DAMAGE 03.19 lakh; ghurka.com/travel/trunks

22. Sound Garden

The new home entertainment sound system from Bose has it all


The Dope: As precision sound quality goes higher, the devices themselves have been going smaller and smaller. Take the new home theatre from Bose - the Lifestyle 650 comes with satellite speakers that are just 4.7cm wide! But it’s mini dynamite alright - each of the speakers, seductively named OmniJewel, has high-excursion transducers that work with a slim centre channel and bass module to create a tech-shattering omni-directional sound. They have all the modern works, too - QuietPort technology, wifi, bluetooth enabled with NFC and compatible with other SoundTouch systems for a whole-home wireless audio experience.

The Damage: 03.99 Lakh


23. A Fine Spirit

Yamazaki 50 Year Old is hard to find

THE DOPE Japanese whisky hasn’t just been upstaging fine Scottish single malts at international awards, but also commands a premium that many legacy Scotch brands probably envy. Yamazaki’s 50 Year Old is a case in point. In the 1950s, this distillery stashed fine whisky in Japanese Mizunara oak barrels, a decision that has paid them rich dividends in the 21st century. In late 2016, one of these limited edition bottles was auctioned in Hong Kong for about Rs89 lakh; yes, you can buy a shiny red roadster with that kind of money. The bottle is wrapped in elegant Japanese Washi paper and the first batch of 250 bottles (released in 2005 for approx Rs6.44 lakh each) was sold out in a couple of days. Almost every subsequent edition of this spiced and intense whisky has only seen the price rise to astronomical levels. It eventually became the world’s most expensive whisky.

THE DAMAGE: 090 lakh/bottle; occasionally available online and at auctions.

24. Beyond Definition

Samsung QLED is a truly immersive experience


THE DOPE If you’re one of those people who have shot 4K videos during your last exotic holiday and feel let down when you watch those same videos on your large screen TV, you are probably not alone. Samsung’s cutting edge QLED TVs could change that. This new range of TVs boasts of 100 per cent colour volume enhanced by Samsung’s proprietary metal quantum display. You can tell the difference between multiple shades of green that might look similar on other TVs. The Q8C is the TV equivalent of the Samsung Galaxy S8’s bezel-less display with barely any wasted screen real estate, which adds to a truly immersive experience. You can effortlessly add major casting services (like Netflix) through Samsung’s App Store or cast from multiple devices. Other cool touches include a near invisible connection from Samsung’s ‘One Connect’ box via a 1.8mm thin optical fibre and the remarkably intuitive OneRemote, which cuts the clutter.

THE DAMAGE 03.15 lakh to 025 lakh


25. Scent Of A Man

Mix and match to make the best fragrance

THE DOPE At a time when supermarket scents hold sway with more emphasis on packaging than the actual juice, Acqua di Parma’s bespoke scents are a throwback to the world of classical scents. Acqua di Parma Colonia Leather Eau de Cologne Concentrée imbibes the same craftsmanship that goes into creating handcrafted leather and accessories. Packaged in a traditional flacon, this unique scent creates a wonderful interplay between fresh citrus notes and aromatic leather. Only the finest ingredients are in the mix—from Paraguayan petit grain and guaiac wood to Atlas cedar—that combine with Brazilian orange and Sicilian lime. It’s just what you might need for a vacation on a luxury cruise liner or that board meeting where you need to be at the top of your game.

THE DAMAGE 028,000; eBay

26. Let Them Eat Cake

India’s most expensive cake is waiting for you


THE DOPE: Forget the likes of Black Forest, Red Velvet and marzipan. Made by chef Mohammed Shahid at Double Tree by Hilton, Pune, this special cake is loaded with edible gold, Swiss chocolate and hand-sculpted fondant. Other key ingredients include Elle and Vire gourmet butter with 82 per cent fat, from France, aged Philadelphia cream cheese, Bailey’s champagne and dark chocolate from Venezuela’s Chuao Chocolatier.

THE DAMAGE: 01 lakh

27. Private Bastion

This designer sofa could well be your home ‘within’ your home


THE DOPE: Something tells us this is gonna be your private bastion once it arrives in your living room. Upholstered in two-tone Nabuk leather, with pipings and inserts in beige Malta leather, the Bastian modular sofa comes with a double backrest for maximum comfort. It also has base and lateral decorations in satinised steel with Siena finish. Visionnaire, where it is available, offers a complete look with customisation in every detail. Made exclusively in Italy.

THE DAMAGE: 014.9 lakh


28. Audio Head

Sennheiser creates history with the world’s most expensive headphones

THE DOPE: Yes, this was featured in the pages of this magazine a few issues ago, but so daring and extraordinary a product launch, a leap-frogging across technologies, so to speak, is seriously unheard of in the tech space. That puts the Sennheiser HE1 in a category all by itself.

The price is, of course, of the jaw-dropping variety, especially when you figure that these are, after all, headphones. But, for those lucky enough to listen to music on it, the superlative factor becomes the whole auditory experience itself. Then you realise why Sennheiser dared. It’s a cliche, but nothing works better that saying this is ‘far ahead of its times’.

THE DAMAGE: 045 lakh

29. A Stitch In Time

Ermenegildo Zegna’s bespoke service is a work of art


THE DOPE: There is bespoke, then there is the truly bespoke experience from Ermenegildo Zegna, which offers a business class three days/two nights personalised tour of Milan (arrangements to travel beyond are possible on request), a visit to the Zegna wool mill at Trivero and Cash Zegna, and a guided tour of the Zegna atelier on Milan’s via Monte Napoleone. Then, the crowning glory—a private start-from-scratch tailoring experience with master tailor Pecora. From discussions on style, fabric etc (the choice is vast: 900 fabrics for suits and more than 230 for shirts) and measurements, taking into account aspects of posture and body type to the final fitting, the bespoke suit is entirely handmade through a 200-step custom tailoring process that can take anywhere from one-and-a-half to three months. No wonder Zegna calls each bespoke final garment ‘a piece of art’.

THE DAMAGE Varies, depending on your specifications

30. Hit The Ground Running

Get your meeting mobile!


THE DOPE With long commutes and traffic jams becoming the rule rather than the exception in Indian metros, how about conducting your meeting while commuting? Pick up your fellow attendees and get going instead of wasting time getting to a board room! ‘Boardroom on Wheels’ is the new concept from luxury cab service provider Eco Rent-a-car. Eco’s imported Toyota Ventury and Commuter vans are fitted with all your requisites—rotating chairs with inbuilt massagers, centre table with cup holders, flip down plasma screens with USB ports, a DVD player with a remote, Wi-Fi as well as laptop and mobile chargers. There is a mini-fridge to stock your beverage of choice and technical assistants on call if needed.

THE DAMAGE Depending on the number of hours and kilometres covered; The service is currently available in Delhi, Mumbai, Gurugram and Bengaluru

31. When Luxury & Hedonism Collide

This extravagant spa therapy includes diamond dust, Dom Perignon and caviar. And, that’s just the beginning


THE DOPE When the designer luxury hotel The Park Hyderabad says it is a decadent interpretation of the influence of Mughals and the Nizami aura of this great city, you tend to believe it. The Great Mughal, a five-hour spa treatment, comes with all the works—a candle-lit jacuzzi bath in floral-scented spring water, a bottle of Dom Perignon and a platter of aphrodisiacs. Then comes the big guns—diamond dust body polish, followed by a chocolate scrub and a caviar facial. It doesn’t end there. There is an aromatherapy massage followed by a four-course dinner. With wine, of course.

THE DAMAGE 01 lakh (for a couple)

32. No Sleep Like This

Getting closer to the mythical flying carpets of fairy tales


THE DOPE The true calibre of a discerning man lies in his ability to rise despite the world trying to pull him down. What could be better then, than to sleep on a bed that shares his credo. The magnetic floating bed, designed by Dutch architect/designer/mad scientist Janjaap Ruijssenaars, can support up to a weight of 900kg and is held in place by four near invisible wires that are strong enough to tame a raging bull elephant. The bed’s magnets will decree it to be the only metallic object in the room though, so kiss goodbye to working in bed or that hot blonde with a piercing on her lip (or body parts that sound like lip). But that’s okay. Your magnetism will be at its peak as you pop a middle finger to gravity even in your sleep. And you always knew it would get lonely at the top.

THE DAMAGE 07.7 crore; universearchitecture.com/home

33. Bag It

Fendi’s new man-bag has a lot of flair


THE DOPE If women have their LVs, it’s time men started flaunting their Peekaboo Fits. It’s the new business bag for men from Fendi’s Seleria line this upcoming autumn/winter season. Made from Cuoio Roman leather, the bag is masculine and sleek, yet functional, making it the ideal compromise between a briefcase, a document case or just a commuter pouch. The result? A practical bag for the downtown, upwardly mobile male, but with lots of flair. You can select from many shades, but if you ask us, we totally dig the total black ‘Fendi Eyes of the Black Mamba’ one!

THE DAMAGE: 03.38 lakh

34. The Spring Of Life

Limited edition water


THE DOPE If you imagine class as a bottle of crisp, cold, refreshing water that smells of ice as old as the earth itself, then Svalbardi is your dream come to life. The water is harvested from Nordic ice caps around Svalbard, one of the northernmost regions of the world, specifically from the Arctic outpost of Longyearbyen. As exotic as that name sounds, it is nothing compared with the elegantly designed bottle of Svalbardi, which can put legacy champagne strongholds to shame. No more than 13,000 bottles are harvested a year, and it is presently one of the only waters sold at Harrods. Svalbardi is a carbon-neutral organisation, operating in an area famed for its research in climate control, making the ostentation of your purchase only the tip of a very large iceberg of pure class.

THE DAMAGE 06,700; svalbardi.com

35. Commuter’s Envy

Cycling is the way now


THE DOPE Cycling is the mode of transportation that makes most sense on urban Indian roads and, as it is a great workout, it saves the time you would spend heaving yourself into shape at the gym. With the right bicycle, you could be coasting at speeds above 40kmph. There is no standout bicycle today other than the Look 795 Aerolight eTap. If someone were to ask how much style weighs, the answer would be—a little more than 7.5 kilos. It isn’t just style that the Aerolight eTap scores points for. It is aerodynamically one of the best shaped bikes, and comes with a one-piece Zed3 Crank, adjustable-angle (-13 to + 17) Aerostem, ADH handlebar, and seat mast. Imagine all those envious eyeballs staring out of autos stuck in traffic watching you zing by in a blitz of black, blue and yellow, wondering not when he is gonna stop, but who is gonna stop him.

THE DAMAGE 02.25 lakh approx; glorycycles.com/look-795-aerolight-premium-30th-anniversary-sram-etap-bike

36. Plush At Two Ply

Spanking clean bottoms


THE DOPE The Hanebisho is for the time you become so successful that even your shit needs a chauffeur. This Japanese toilet paper is merely 2 ply, and yet the hyperbole surrounding it features the effusive usage of words like ‘cloud’ and ‘fluffy’. And, although those might not be the words you would want associated with what it wipes, the Hanebisho’s softness comes from diligence in raw material as well as manufacturing. It is made of the highest quality wood fibre imported from Canada, treated with the clearest river water from the Nyodo river in Japan. Its production involves intricate temperature and humidity adjustment on a daily basis after which “the most fastidious of fastidious artisans” decorate the rolls by hand to ensure that the design remains stylish no matter from where the toilet paper is torn. Hanebisho tissue rolls receive a send off from the owner of the company, who tests every single roll personally before it is dispatched, making a roll of Hanebisho the finest asswipe there ever was. And you, its discerning patron.

DAMAGE 01,100/roll; ebay.com/itm/Hanebisho-Butterfly-Imperial-dedicator-products-luxury-toilet-paper-Japan

37. Racing History

The 1970 Porsche 917, which featured in Le Mans, is coming under the hammer soon


THE DOPE After the success of Bullitt, Steve McQueen went on to make quite a few movies that involved him driving really fast cars, really fast. One such movie was Le Mans, which although wasn’t great cinema, was pathbreaking as far as high speed racing movies go, using actual footage from the 1970s Formula One race. The movie made Porsche a household name in America, and the rest, as they say, is history. But, the Porsche from the movie has a story of its own. Factory driver Joe Siffert offered his own 1970 Porsche 917 for the movie. Siffert’s private collection included this car until his passing, after which it went missing. It was found 25 years later, outside Paris, still wearing its original cloak that had gone dusty because of neglect. But, the beast inside still breathed fire. The Gooding and Company auction, taking place during the 2017 Monterey Car Week this year, is where this car will be auctioned. With Steve McQueen, a story like that, and a Porsche up for grabs, our estimate places it all at a cool 083.7 crore to 096.6 crore. It could be more though, but it sure as hell ain’t gonna be any less. King of Cool is a tag that comes with its own price tag.

THE DAMAGE 083.7 crore to 096.6 crore

38. Something Old Something New

Almost like time travel in Havana


THE DOPE Cruising down the boulevard in Havana in a vintage Cadillac, visiting lush green tobacco plantations in Pinar del Rio, hiking to Fidel Castro’s mountain headquarters through the impressive Sierra Maestra range, and learning how to roll Cuba’s famous cigars. A tailor-made luxury tour organised by Ker & Downey will take travellers on a week-long time-warp-ish trip to the country. Cuba’s unique mix of 1950s socialist nostalgia, colonial and communist heritage, classic Caribbean beaches and mountainous rain-forested interiors, coupled with the country’s political isolation, make it a perennial favourite for writers, photographers and travellers looking for an off-the-beaten track holiday. On this trip, travellers can look forward to visiting Guevara’s mausoleum in historic Santa Clara; stopping by at the Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Cobre—Cuba’s most sacred pilgrimage site amidst an imposing natural setting in the Sierra Maestra; and a night at Remedios—an idyllic colonial town dating back to the 16th century still untouched by tourism. Other highlights include a trip to Trinidad and a stopover at Baracoa—widely considered the best preserved erstwhile Spanish colonial settlements in the world, and a host of authentic meals in paladares (family-run restaurants) and music-filled revelry in Santiago.

THE DAMAGE 051,600 to 064,500/day/person/double occupancy; kerdowney.com

39. Island Living

Getting seriously private in a custom-built island home


THE DOPE This one is straight out of the future: your own private island home built to last over a century. With the world’s ever-increasing appetite for luxury and the need for privacy, Christie’s International Real Estate has teamed up with Dutch Docklands—developers of Amillarah Private Islands—to create extravagant floating residences. Clients can customise the size, shape and style of their ‘islands’—everything from forested stretches, white, sandy beaches and modern, urban contemporary themes are on tap. The designs ensure that the islands are completely safe from rising sea levels, self-sustainable and free from environmental impact. The developers have roped in the Ocean Futures Society, established by Jean-Michel Cousteau, in order to explore new and better ways to augment the reaction of artificial reefs below the islands and to create new habitats.

THE DAMAGE Price on request; amillarah.com

40. The High Table

Sky-high dining


THE DOPE If there was any doubt about what you’re signing up for, the name of the Belgium-based company—Dinner in the Sky—should dispel it. And, there’s no symbolism here. Expect to be seated at a dining table with 21 diners and hoisted 165 feet into the air by an industrial crane. Once you regain your appetite and surmount your fears (we’d recommend a strong aperitif), you can partake of the gourmet fare and fine wines poised between the night sky above and the city’s skyline below. Guests are strapped firmly to their chairs, while retaining enough mobility so as not to affect their dinner-table etiquette. Dinner in the Sky offers this vertigo-inducing thrill-seeker’s dream meal in more than 45 capital cities around the world, including London, Brussels, Paris and Las Vegas. The dinner sessions can last up to eight hours, with two lifts ferrying diners up and down every couple of hours. Clients can even ask for a location of their choice. The only caveat is that there should be a flat, sturdy surface of 500 square metres. There’s no airborne loo though; we’d recommend eschewing the beer.

THE DAMAGE 020,000/person; dinnerinthesky.com

41. Jet Premiere

Sky’s the limit when it comes to this private jet service


THE DOPE JetSetGo offers a fleet of private jets, from light jets to Falcons to Challengers, to customers pan-India, who can charter flights as per their requirement online. Sky’s the limit when it comes to the service: luxury as well as sports cars for pick-up from home, wifi on board and service as per requirement, be it Russian caviar or a particular thread count of bed sheets. So be it an important business meeting you need to attend out of town, or a special intimate celebration with the stars in the sky as witness, or maybe, just taking your pets on a joy ride, simply go online, click and book your ride in the sky. “We believe our planes are an extended lifestyle in the skies, and our guests’ flying homes,” says JetSetGo CEO Kanika Tekriwal.

THE DAMAGE Depends on type of aircraft, number of seats, sectors flown etc. Ballpark for a 4-6 seater light jet would be 08 Lakh, a mid-size 6-8 seater would cost 012 Lakh while a larger business jet would cost between 014 and 018 Lakh.

42. Pawdicures And Pawlish

Pet pampering hits a new high with an exclusive resort for man’s best friend


THE DOPE The Americans love pampering their pets. Which is why it’s no surprise that New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport has a new luxury animal terminal called, unimaginatively, The Ark. Built at a cost of approximately 0309 crore, the 1,78,000 square foot facility features weather controlled booths with showers, and there is even a private zone especially designed for penguins to mate. Travellers can drop their dogs at the in-house luxury resort exclusively for canines. Run by a company called Paradise 4 Paws, the resort promises facilities like bone-shaped splashing pools, grooming, obedience training, pet massage therapy and ‘pawdicures with coloured nail pawlish’. Doggies can also watch a show on private flat-screen televisions in the ‘dog-suites’.

THE DAMAGE 06,000/per night while being remotely monitored by their adoring owners via webcam; arkjfk.com

43. Luxury On The Road

In a caravan that rivals a luxury hotel


THE DOPE Calling eleMMent palazzo Superior an RV (though is it one) would be nothing but injustice. Classify it as a camper van, an RV, a home, a darn presidential suite of a top-of-the-line hotel...whatever, this is by far the most luxurious mobile home in the world. The vehicle’s arresting appearance and design speaks for itself—you can see a blend of motor-sports (36-inch rim covers), aviation (digital instrumentation and MMI control inspired by jet cockpits) and the luxury of a yacht in one vehicle. The element series’ signature strong body design, combined with the vehicle’s smooth functionality and comfort, not only makes it a comfortable accommodation option for the road, but its 60+mm thick wall makes it a sturdy and well-insulated structure that you need for all kinds of terrains. eleMMent palazzo Superior’s true highlight is its sky lounge. With an automatic lift system, which creates a walled-in roof deck, you can enjoy some panoramic views and have some spacious ‘deck time’. The interior temperature can be made comfortable (different temperature zones can be programmed) with a specially developed air convection system. The vehicle has a wine cabinet, ice-maker, large TV screen across the room, an open kitchenette, a bathroom discretely separated from the living room and the master bedroom (featuring a king-size bed, dressing table and a large TV). One more thing, it has an adjoining spa area. Now that’s what we call true luxury on wheels.

THE DAMAGE 019.3 crore and above; marchi-mobile.com/palazzo-superior


44. From Iphone To Eye-Candy

iPhones customised with gold plating and the works


THE DOPE Legend, a Finnish electronics company that specialises in bringing out luxurious consumer electronics, practically transforms an iPhone into a bespoke artefact. There are elaborate designs, special features and an assortment of customisation options suggested by in-house designers and clients. Buyers can get their devices embossed with a personal monogram or logo, get diamond inlays, custom laser or hand engravings and even specify alternative materials usage. Legend’s iPhone 7 models, which feature 128 GB memory as standard, include the ‘Classique’—a 24K gold iPhone 7 that features 87 VVS1 grade diamonds studded into the precious metal logo—has the thickest layer of gold plating in the industry (10 microns). Each phone is shipped in a wooden luxury presentation box, which includes matching precious metal-plated ear pods and a premium leather folder with the certificate of authenticity and warranty.

THE DAMAGE 02.40 lakh legend-helsinki.com

45. Home Tech

Raising the bar for the home experience


THE DOPE The Epson 8300 home projector not only raises the bar for the home projector category, but also reopens the flat screen TV vs projector debate, with 3-chip LCD technology that enhances colours and contrasts. It allows you to watch 4K quality videos with an incredible 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, an enhancement that elevates the quality of your standard and HD quality videos. To watch your favourite movie or football game in 3D, all you need to do is flick a switch. The 8300 features an efficient cooling system that reduces sound levels to 20dB, making it one of the quietest projectors out there. Its clever lens memory capability allows you to preset up to 10 positions for zoom, focus and lens shift.

THE DAMAGE 02.18 lakh;

46. Better Viewing

Sony 4K HDR OLED TV makes entertainment more seamless


THE DOPE Sony finally takes the plunge into the OLED world and does it in style. Built around the company’s ‘One Slate Design’ vision, the focus is on eliminating extraneous elements that hinder the viewing experience. The acoustic surface technology is just one innovation. The TV ditches conventional speakers that are usually located around the screen, opting instead for sub-woofers and actuators that seamlessly blend with the screen. Eight million self-illuminating pixels come together in an OLED display that is enriched by Sony’s 4K HDT Processor X1 Extreme and their proprietary Triluminos display for further colour accuracy. The A1 Series is powered by Android 7.0, which allows you to access Google Play Store without a fuss; Chromecast is baked into the TV and lets you mirror content from your smartphones instantly. The voice search feature is geared to recognise an Indian accent ensuring you don’t have epic search fails. Its content bar brings your DTH and internet-driven content to a single window and easy integration with its PlayStation consoles, making it a compelling home entertainment proposition.

THE DAMAGE 03.65 lakh approx/ 04.65 lakh (55/65 inches)


47. For The Jet-Setting Man

A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk Decimal Strike

THE DOPE Touted as the perfect watch for jet-setting businessmen, the Zeitwerk Decimal Strike takes its inspiration from Dresden’s famous Semper Opera House clock, where the dial features a mechanical jumping numeral display. Equipped with a striking mechanism that chimes every 10 minutes, the watch’s acoustic time indication complements the numerical display on the dial, which helps the wearer keep a discreet eye on time during meetings and other official commitments. Crafted out of honey gold, a proprietary alloy used exclusively by A. Lange & Söhne, the Zeitwerk Decimal Strike measures 44.2mm in diameter. The dial is made of solid silver and, in addition to the jumping-numerals time display and visible chiming hammers, it features a small-seconds subdial at 6 o’clock and a power reserve indicator at 12 o’clock. Offered on a hand-stitched, dark brown alligator leather strap, the watch is limited to 100 pieces.

THE DAMAGE 088.89 lakh approx


48. Vintage Appeal

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller

THE DOPE If you are looking for a vintage addition to your watch collection, this is a must-have. The new Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller marks the 50th anniversary of this iconic waterproof watch first introduced in 1967. This year, Rolex has given the watch four major updates— a larger case, a cyclops window, a new movement and a redesigned bracelet. The most notable of these is the cyclops window over the date display, an iconic feature of other Rolex models like the Datejust and Submariner, but never used before on a Rolex sports watch. The new automatic Caliber 3235 in this watch has 14 patents to its credit and complies with Rolex’s -2/+2 second daily accuracy standard. The watch is waterproof to a depth of 1,220m and comes with a 60-minute graduated, unidirectional rotatable bezel for an easy and precise calculation of dive and decompression times. A perfect combination of exemplary vintage design and state-of-the-art technology, the latest iteration of the Sea-Dweller is one of Rolex’s best launches in the last few years.

THE DAMAGE 07.3 lakh approx

49. Club Classique

Exclusive membership sets one apart, A Ta Maison is no different


THE DOPE This private club is one of Delhi’s best kept secrets, which embraces you with luxury and indulgence. With a butler service, you can just be alone for some personal time, watch the rain from the glass room, or the stars from the terrace, read a book in the heady cigar lounge-library, or perhaps even write one. À Ta Maison has now opened its doors to non-members, too! Chef Rahul Gomes Pereira, a.k.a Picu, serves an international menu of dishes created with classic European techniques, refreshed with a pop of molecular gastronomy. Trust the barkeep to conjure up mood-lifting cocktails or seek single malts or wines from the vast collection housed at the teak-wood bar. Insider’s tip: Members get a hefty discount on food and drink, access to the exclusive terrace floor, library-cigar lounge, sun room, and private saloon-dressing room.

THE DAMAGE 08,000 for a bespoke five-course meal with cocktails; membership fee: 050,000 onwards; atamaison.com/membership.

50. Maserati Monaco Experience

High octane R&R


THE DOPE For Formula One enthusiasts, the pilgrimage to Monaco—the European principality synonymous with the high-octane sport—is the Holy Grail that treads the most recognisable street circuits in the world. To cater to these passionate gearheads, Maserati—the iconic Italian luxury performance automobile brand—has tied up with one of Monaco’s oldest luxury pads—the Hôtel de Paris—for a three-day stay-and-drive holiday package.

Guests are lodged in the Maserati Pop-Up suite that has been completely redesigned by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, rising stars in the world of Italian interior design. Located on the third floor with an expansive view of the sea and the iconic Casino de Monte-Carlo, the suite is typically minimalist, endorsing Maserati’s design philosophy and embellished with thingamajigs that hark to the brand’s identity and history at Monaco. The bedroom reflects the style of Modena’s automotive brand with a headboard by Ermenegildo Zegna on the wall and grain leather armchairs that resemble the interior of Maserati’s sumptuous saloons. The package includes airport transfers (in Maseratis, obviously), the use of a Maserati GranCabrio—the four-seater convertible—for the duration of the stay, breakfast, and a cocktail buffet.

THE DAMAGE 02.65 lakh / 2 adults; package rate is for three nights; T +377 98 06 41 58; resort@sbm.mc



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