Supercar Blondie: The social media sensation on what drives the world crazy

Not everyone on the internet would be familiar with the name Alexandra Mary Hirschi. But call her Supercar Blondie, and there’d be over six million people on Instagram who’d flash you a knowing smile. The social media sensation tells THE MAN what it takes to ride the virtual waves

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When a supercar-loving Australian presenter for a drive show in Dubai decided to dabble in the fine art of social media content creation, she never expected to turn into a phenomenon in the world of luxury automobiles. Hailing from Queensland, Australia, Alexandra Mary Hirschi comes from a family that shares her love for cars and long drives. When her social channel on Instagram accrued 50,000 followers, she took a leap of faith into the mysterious abyss of social media and quit her full time radio job. Today, as SupercarBlondie she has over six million followers on Instagram, over three-and-a-half million subscribers on YouTube, and an ever growing list of brands that want to be associated with her. 

Her content blends in reviews of supercars and slices of moments from her life, her travels and some exciting interactions she has been part of. For many car-lovers, speaking about Supercar Blondie’s content is a great conversation-starter, because as the Internet goes, everyone has an opinion about everyone else.

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From sophisticated Dubai, simple content 

Hirschi always found Dubai to be an impressive, ambitious dream of a city that could realise her dreams. Which is why she moved to the glittering Emirate in 2008 with her husband. It's here that she found herself surrounded by supercars. 

“I grew up near Brisbane in Australia, where there just aren't that many nice cars around,” she reminisces. “Dubai was an amazing base to try and get access to these cars. But access to these cars is just a very small part of the success of social media. It takes a lot more than just getting access to cars to do well.” Supercar Blondie also found herself featured on the ‘Rich Kids of Dubai’ social media handle. 

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Hirschi’s work being appreciated by the real aficionados of supercars is testimony to how well she understands her audience and their demands. “I think my content is different because it is very relatable, it's accessible, I don't talk too much about specifics, for example lifting up the hood and going through the engine components and all that.” The key is in covering what people can consume quickly.  I had a problem when I came first to this world. It's very insular,” she says.  

Her formula to make car-related content more snackable and consumable is remarkably simple. “When I am filming my content, I always think if I bought this car and I take it around to my friend's place, what would I want to show my friend first? What are the coolest features of this car that I would want to show? Even the biggest petrolheads would do the same thing.” 

What it takes 

Staying relevant on social media means understanding the next thing your audience wants to consume. In her mission to provide only the finest content to her followers, Hirschi tells us how gruelling it can become to create even the smallest nuggets of content. “When we do skits, they are the most time-consuming (content pieces). They could be only a minute long, but we would spend maybe five to six hours brainstorming the storyline, then mocking up the script, then going to a location and filming for four to five hours, and then editing for maybe another five to six hours. So, the total maybe 20 hours work for a 50-second video. So, it is actually a lot more work than people realise. The thing is that you have to make it look like it was no work at all.”

Lighter content is more appreciated by audiences, according to Hirschi, because it’s what they want to enjoy when they’re idly scrolling. Her team has always comprised of just her and her manager for a fair bit of time. 

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What’s parked in her garage

It’s only recently that Supercar Blondie sold her Lamborghini Huracan, which she had christened ‘Lucy’. She had her for two years and was the first supercar she owned. “Now I have bought my new dream car, which is a Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge. I love it so much because it is the pinnacle of luxury — so super powerful. It has this gorgeous starlight roof, a carbon fibre detail, and is a beautiful car to drive. It feels so comfortable and yet so sporty at the same time.”

When quizzed about whether the Black Badge really cuts it with the youthful allure that Rolls-Royce expected it to stir, she says, “Yes, I think they have done a really good job by bringing down the average age of a Rolls-Royce owner. A few years ago, I would never have pictured myself owning a Rolls-Royce. Just in my mind, you always are chauffeured in a Rolls-Royce and I think that's the image that they have been trying to change over the last few years. I think that they have.” 

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What does she dream of having in her garage

“I would love the Koenigsegg Agera RS. It would be my dream hypercar, and I would love to have it in my garage. It is just the most exhilarating drive that I have had ever in my life. It sounds so different from any other car, you have this thunderous clap coming out of the engine, and just the sheer power of the engine is out of this world.” Unlikely answer, you think? We think not. 

“I am really looking forward to all the new cars that are coming to the market. The Lotus Evija, an all-electric car. I cannot wait to drive it. It has 2,000 horsepower, that is so extreme, it looks so different from any other hypercar in the market. I absolutely love the design and hopefully, I will get my hands on it in a few months, when the first drivable car gets in the region. I am also looking forward to Mercedes Project 1. I think that is going to be an incredible car as well, with the F1 engine that is quite a feat for a road car.”

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Electric or not

Electric cars may not be a widely accepted reality in India, but the rest of the automobile world is gradually turning nearly completely electric. But then, wouldn’t a supercar aficionado miss the familiar grunt of the combustion engine? 

“There will be an element of disappointment in the future, not hearing that kind of engine roaring behind you.”

Hirschi acknowledges the evident void but also looks forward to the incredible promise of speed that these cars will bring. “They are super quick. You will not be able to compete with something like the Lotus Evija. Once you put your foot down, within 2 seconds you are at 100 kilometers an hour, and it will be so difficult for a combustion engine to give you that experience because it doesn't have the instant torque that an electric engine provides.” Another exciting aspect that she brings to light is how cars needn’t be designed around the engine anymore. “You can literally design the car pretty much how you want. It gives designers such a freedom of expression to design these supercars or hypercars like literally reinventing how the car should look like.”

While travelling and discovering new places is one of Hirschi’s favourite activities (other than supercars), she loves buying clothes and jewellery. Her keen sense of understanding her followers, her refreshing take on supercars, and vibrant personality will keep her ahead of several self-acclaimed petrol-heads for some time to come. 

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Up, close and personal

Your first car? My first car was a Mitsubishi Lancer. It was handed down to me. My older brother had it first, then my older sister then I got it when it was a little rusty round the edges but I loved that car. It meant freedom and independence! It was hard to get up hills with the air conditioner on, so I’d have to turn it off to keep up with the traffic.

Your favourite route to drive an open top supercar? I haven’t had too much opportunity to go on long drives as I usually fly in to a city, film the car that day and then fly out again. But a route I would love to try is along the south of France.

Your favourite travel destination? I have so many but to relax, it would be Thailand

Your favourite car movie? Don’t have one. 

A vintage supercar that you would want to own someday? I would need to drive more classics to know what I would want. I’m not as into classics as I am with modern cars.

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Your favourite feature in a concept car? There’s a concept that has a coffee maker incorporated into the middle of the car. It also has a glass floor and a “floating” passenger chair

The one car you are looking forward to driving in 2020? Definitely the Lotus Evija. The first drivable prototype will hopefully be available later this year.

Carbon fibre or wood trims? Carbon fibre hands down

A car's tech feature that you absolutely love. I like the hologram as a centre console because it's unique and cool to look at, but it’s not as practical as just a modern day infotainment screen.

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What's in her garage

Alex’s latest purchase is the Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge edition. The stunning coupe is further spruced up with fresh wheels, improved interiors, a darkened grille and the spirit of ecstasy.  The V12 engine also receives a minor bump that takes it from 0 to 100 km in 4.3 seconds. The extremely plush interiors are further complemented with a fibre optic headliner that mimics a star-lit night sky in the cabin.  When not cruising in her Rolls, she gallops in her Mclaren 720S. A 710 bhp V8 sportscar that looks more like a fighter jet and races from 0 to 100 kmph in 2.7 seconds.  With handling that can rival a Ferrari it delivers exhilarating performance be it on the highway or the track. Its a pure attention magnet that comes complete with scissor doors.

Bengaluru visit

Alex says she was stunned to see the number of her fans in India when she visited Bengaluru in May 2019. She engaged in Q&A with her followers and also took part in a rally organised by the Bangalore super car club. She does plan to visit India: Driving to Ladakh in a G-Wagen is on top of her bucket list.

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